Supporting greater choice for older Australians in Wannon

Mr Tehan said the Government is investing $73.7 million over four years to improve the way home care services are delivered to older Australians.

Australians in Wannon deserve to be able to choose their own service provider and be in charge of their own care.

We are living longer and healthier lives, and it is important that as Australians age, they retain control over choices that impact their lives.

The Government’s total investment of $7.5 billion over four years for home care packages will assist older Australians to pay for the services they need to remain in their own home for longer. Mr Tehan said.

In 2013-14 more than 80,000 Australians received a Home Care Package, and almost 776,000 received Home and Community Care Services.

This new funding will open up competition in the home care sector, leading to enhanced quality, innovation and service delivery.

From 1 February 2017, older Australians receiving Home Care Packages each year will have control over their funds and will be able to direct them to the providers of their choice.

Currently, funding for Home Care Packages goes straight to the service provider and the individual has to find a service with an available package.

The changes place individuals at the centre of their care and in control of their funds, similar to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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