DAN TEHAN | Opinion | June 22, 2015

The Greening the Goldfields and Trees for the Green Army projects are implementing weed and erosion control while looking at opportunities for revegetation around Maryborough. The projects are working with Landcare and the community and provide a chance for training and experience for young people.

In particular, these projects are looking to collect native seedlings to reforest the area in a way that will be both sustainable and encourage native growth around Maryborough.

I have joined the team in Maryborough and was impressed by the levels of enthusiasm and professionalism shown by the volunteers, who are all doing important work for the local environment and getting wonderful training skills in doing it.

To see the self-satisfaction, self-confidence and joy that they are getting from participating in the program is a testament to its success.

The Green Army is a key Government commitment with $525 million budgeted over four years. This investment in the Green Army will bring the Government’s total investment in natural resource management to more than $2 billion over four years.

The Green Army will encourage practical action to support local environment and conservation projects across Australia, providing training to 15,000 young Australians by 2018.

I’d like to congratulate and acknowledge Clint Chandler, Harley Rogers, Nathan Wilson, James Fenton, Kris Goodman, Tye Bakker, Kade Bench, Josh Stanton and Luke Jansen for their work so far as part of the Green Army, who are all making a fantastic contribution to the community.

Any further proposals on how the Green Army can help make the community greener and more sustainable can be submitted online or through contact with my office.