The Wannon National  Volunteer Awards recognise and celebrate Australia’s volunteers.

This special tribute demonstrates that our volunteers are from all backgrounds, ages and interests, however they have one common theme and that is that they are committed and passionate int heir care for others.  The volunteers recognised at this awards have made significant contributions to their communities; in many instances they provide guidance to other volunteers, whilst individually undertaking their tasks selflessly and without the purpose of material gain.

I congratulate all the award recipients.



2015 Wannon Volunteer Awards Recipients

Young Volunteer:

  • Amani Abass (Ararat)
  • Nicholas McIntyre (Lake Bolac


  • Elizabeth Brilley (Hamilton)
  • Jim Lock (Timboon)

Group Volunteer:

  • Avoca Breast Cancer Support Group (Avoca)
  • Casterton Kelpie Association (Casterton)
  • 1st Cobden Scout Group (Cobden)
  • Hamilton Country Women’s Association (Hamilton)
  • Warrnambool Chaplaincy Group (Warrnambool)
  • Woolsthorpe Auxiliary to South West Healthcare (Woolsthorpe)

Emergency Management:

  • Stephen McDowell (Koroit)

Long Term Commitment to Community Service:

  • Lyn Baker (Warrnambool)
  • Laurie Bowman (Warrnambool)
  • John Curnow (Ararat)
  • Tony Fleming (Portland)
  • David Garfoot (Hamilton)
  • Marie Johnstone (Warrnambool)
  • Jenny McLean (Port Fairy)
  • Leonie Neylon (Nareen)
  • Margrett Oates (Portland)
  • Jenny Povey (Coleraine)
  • Peter Walsh (Portland)

Member of Parliament’s Award:

  • Peter Carr (Portland)
  • Jacinta Wareham (Hamilton)