DAN TEHAN | MALCOLM TURNBULL | Daily Telegraph, Sydney | November 17 2016

The men and women who serve in Australia’s armed forces are the best in the world. Over many years they have earned a reputation for bravery, ingenuity and a can-do attitude.

When Australian and American troops fought side-by-side for the first time at the battle of Hamel during World War I, Australia’s official war historian Charles Bean recorded one American commander sending his troops off with the words: “You will be fighting along with lads who always deliver the goods.” Australians can sleep soundly at night knowing the quality of the men and women we entrust with our national security.

There are opportunities within our defence forces for people to pursue a variety of careers. It is a challenging environment where our personnel learn skills such as responsiveness, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, the ability to work in high-pressure environments and the ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies.

The average military career is just seven years. Each year about 5500 ADF personnel leave the military and two-thirds say they are doing so to pursue a new career while they are still young.

The outstanding men and women produced by our army, navy and airforce have so much to offer. Their talents represent an incredible opportunity for business and government. Today, we will launch the Prime Minister’s Veterans Employment Program with a call to arms for our business leaders to recognise the unique talents our veterans can bring to the workplace.

The private sector is best placed to develop strategies for the recruitment and retention of veterans.

My government will establish an Industry Advisory Committee on Veterans’ Employment of leading businesspeople to deliver ways to recognise and transfer the talents of our ADF personnel from the military into post-service careers.

Participating businesses will be given the title of “Veteran Employment Ambassador”, and we will celebrate the success of our small, medium and large businesses who are employing veterans at an annual Prime Minister’s Veterans Employment Awards.

Businesses across the country will be encouraged to work with their local ex-service organisations to develop pathways for veterans employment that best suit the local community. The government will act as match-maker by launching an Ex-Service Organisation Industry Partnership Register.

The government will also help our veterans by ensuring their transition from the military to post-service life is as smooth as possible. Ensuring they have their training records, superannuation and health certificates in place will mean one less distraction for them as they embark on their new careers.

All leaving ADF personnel will have access to employment coaching to help them seek and obtain work.

These initiatives recognise and raise awareness of the unique talents our veterans can bring to business.

We know that the best way to honour the Diggers of 1916 is supporting the veterans of 2016 and their families. Our veterans did their duty. And so we will do ours