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LIVING COSTS 2017-02-28T12:53:15+00:00

I’ve been fighting to reduce our living costs.

The rapidly increasing cost-of-living is having a really serious impact on our country communities. The Coalition Government is focused on the needs of our local communities and we are working hard to address this issue.

The Coalition Government will introduce policies that ease cost-of-living pressures and help families with the real costs of raising children. I firmly believe that those who work hard and put money aside so they won’t be a burden on others should be encouraged, not hit with more taxes.

The Coalition has moved to abolish the world’s biggest carbon tax as a first priority, which will immediately take pressure off rapidly rising electricity and gas bills. The Carbon Tax repeal bills are now before the Senate. Since the introduction of the carbon tax on 1 July 2012, the cost of electricity has risen by 15.3 per cent and the cost of gas and other household fuels by 14.2 per cent. Electricity prices have now risen by a staggering 93.8 per cent and gas prices by 61.8 per cent since Labor came to power. Also, the number of unemployed people is up by 75,000 from a year ago, when the carbon tax was introduced.

We will fund personal income tax cuts for individuals and families, without a carbon tax, and we will keep interest rates as low as possible by ending government waste, paying back debt and balancing the Budget. We will also strengthen the health system by restoring the Private Health Insurance Rebate as soon as we responsibly can.

We will help ensure that childcare is more accessible, affordable and flexible, to help families balance work and family commitments, by getting the Productivity Commission to urgently undertake a major inquiry into the childcare system. We need a better system that is not just geared to 9 to 5 workers, one that offers more flexibility and is affordable for all families.

The Coalition will:

  • Reduce cost of living pressures and help families with the real costs of raising children
  • Scrap the carbon tax which will help create jobs and improve the competitiveness of our businesses
  • Put downward pressure on our electricity and gas prices which have risen by a staggering 93.8 per cent (electricity) and 61.8 per cent (gas) since Labor came to power.